Friday, 29 January 2016

Coldplay - Hymn For The Weekend [Pop Rock]

In2 - WSTRN [R&B]

Uth Jaag - Project Kranti

Project Kranti is a cause based music video project.
The first song 'Uth Jaag' is about our inherent right and responsibility to not take bullshit from the system, the society and the government. Its about giving up on our comforts and raising our voice whenever required.
Uth Jaag aims to support Stop Acid Attacks(NGO working for acid attack survivors) by means of crowd funding.
"Jo Horaha Hai Kab Tak Hone Dega Tu" 

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Let's Build India's First Mobile Reggae Sound System

We have begun building a sound system some months ago. It has been a long time ambition of ours and we felt that it's the only way to take things to the next level. Both musically and also in terms of reducing our dependence on venues and sponsors. Below is what we have managed so far. Kick bass is ready and below that the boxes for the scoops. We have bought the drivers and need to fit them in and paint the speakers. There is a long way to go still. We need to buy high power amps and very importantly a vehicle to store the sound and transport it across country. So far we've been spending our own resources on this but have decided to launch a crowd funding campaign in order to raise remaining funds. Link below

Understanding that music should not just be heard, but physically felt — that's why you never forget your first reggae sound system experience. Taru Dalmia (AKA Delhi Sultanate) aims to bring this unique phenomenon to various cities and villages in India with a mobile, Jamaican-style sound system consisting of powerful, hand-built speaker stacks with an emphasis on the bass.