Friday, 20 December 2013

Ambersariya - Bollywood Vs Bhangra


Title: Ambersariya Ft. Trix MC

Album: Ambersariya (2001)

Vocals: Meshi (XLNC)

Music by: Mac-G

Genre: UK Garage, Urban


Title: Ambersariya

Album: Fukrey (2013)

Vocals: Sona Mahapatra

Music by: Ram Sampath

Genre: Bollywood

Ambarsariya is an impeccable song in voice of astonishing singer Sona Mohapatra. Overall, the music is plain and simple and leaves an lasting impression. The lyrics have been adapted(COPIED) by munna dhiman from a old punjabi folk song while Ram Sampath has reinvented the song in his inimitable musical style

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