Monday, 2 December 2013

Ballin - DJ Rags feat. Mann [Urban]

Title: Ballin (Desi Mix)

Artist: DJ Rags feat. Mann

Vocals: Mann

Music by: DJ Rags 

Genre: Rap, HipHop, Urban, Pop

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Press Release
DJ RAGS presents his second English single ‘Ballin' featuring the US rapper Mann.
Having spent time in 2012 travelling around Europe performing, Rags took in all he could from the different types of sounds used to create hip hop music. Having created music with the typical American hip hop sound Rags wanted to find an instrument that stood out and that was arranged in a way that would stand out from todays hip hop music. Upon completing his travels Rags came back to London and immediately started work, creating with his team the layers of drums, horns and deep bassline. Around this time Rags heard that Mann was on a UK tour and felt the track would be perfect for him, a meeting was arranged, a small laid back meeting turned into a full 24 hour recording session and as a result ‘Ballin' was created. The video to ‘Ballin' finds Rags and Mann turn up to a house party, they both sneak in and are meeting by their female friends. The video later goes on to reveal a secret bedroom party between Mann and the girls with an added twist at the end. The Desi Mix of ‘Ballin' was inspired by Rags' shows in India. A growing sound of Indian music has included a real hard hitting drop, a sound which Rags has created with this version of ‘Ballin' which gained exposure in India during his 2 month tour at the end of 2012. MORE INFO

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