Friday, 26 January 2018

Één Ding - F1rstman [Urban Desi]


Title: Één Ding

Artist: F1rstman

Album: At F1rst

Music by: Beardeaux

Genre: Urban Desi, Pop

Bio F1rstman is a Musician from the Netherlands with Pakistani roots. His real name is Hassan Syed, born on 30-07-1992 and at the age of 3 moved to the Netherlands. Raised in a multicultural Society with many Caribbean Surinam Moroccan & Turkish influences. His interest in music began early. At the age of 6 Hassan completely managed the Percussion Component in music. Around the age of 11, Hassan also joined musicals by Joop vd Ende, including Lion King the musical. Thus he made many developments in the music genre, when he was 12, he became interested in urban music. And as a beatboxer he also started to earn his stripes in the music scene. Over the years he learned all the gadgets in the music world. And now F1rstman is busy with his advance in the music scene in the Netherlands and worldwide. With regular shows throughout the country as MC in clubs like Act in clubs & Festivals and as a teacher in secondary schools. F1rstman will make a lot of noise and spread his positive message for a long time. Give A Smile, Create A smile. '' F1rstman ''

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